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Shri O.H.Nazar Ayurved College, Surat and attached Shri Swami Atmanand Saraswati Ayurvedic Hospital (Grant-in-aid), Gujarat run by the trust named  Shri Tapi Brahmacharyashram Sabha, Surat was established by late Saint Shri Swami Atmanand Saraswati in 1946 which is the only teaching institute imparting Ayurvedic Education & providing Ayurved Medical treatment to the needy people in the South Gujarat region since 1946. 
The attached hospital was established in 1948 with the aim to provide cheap and effective treatment to the socio-economically backward people in the  ill-developed area.

Since then the institute is continuously engaged in the service of the people of the region.

why should one go for Ayurvedic treatment

  100% natural, thus very minimal/no side effects.
  Completely cures the root cause of disease, thus prevents reoccurrence.
  The only science which not only deals with the curing and prevention of the disease, 
  but  also helps in preservation of health.
  Ayurveda is fast & cost effective treatment when whole treatment time and cost is taken
  in account.
  Ayurveda treats in accordance with WHO definition of health,

Departments  of  College

1.    Maulik Siddhant, Samhita Evam Sanskrit
2.    Swasthwritta
3.    Rachana Sharir
4.    Kriya Sharir
5.    Agadtantra Vyavhar Ayurved Evam Vidhi Vaidak
6.    Dravyaguna
7.    Rasshastra Bhaisjya Kalpana
8.    Rog Vigyan Evam Vikriti Vigyan
9.    Prasuti tantra Evam Striroga
10.  Kaumar bhritya

11.  Panchkarma
12.  Shalya
13.  Shalakya
14.  Kayachikitsa